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Experience spectacular white water jet boating
and amazing scenery with Rapids Jet!

Our 35 minute blast will take you up close to the Aratiatia Power Station to the base of the Aratiatia Rapids – New Zealand’s biggest and longest rapids that spill from the Aratiatia dam daily.

An adrenaline rush is guaranteed as we shoot through the narrowest canyon on the Waikato River. Then get ready to enjoy real thrills as we play in the pressure waves of the awesome Nga AwaPurua Rapids. These are the biggest commercially jet boated rapids in New Zealand! Our impressive Chevy V8 jet boats will muscle you up and down these awesome rapids with ease. Feel the exhilaration of our legendary jet boat spins along the way. The excitement of surfing the waves on the way upstream is surpassed only by the action on the way back down through the rapids! We will also take time to stop & view the amazing scenery of the Aratiatia Scenic Reserves native bush, steaming hot springs & crystal clear waters.

As well as being an excitement-filled adventure, the Rapids Jet is also a geothermal marvel, set in a natural area of historical significance.

The early Maori named the area Nga AwaPurua, which means the river of the springs. These hot springs are all visible, and useable, an ideal way to relax and take in this beautiful piece of the river after your action packed jet boat ride.

As we continue down river, through the rapids and canyons, and past some of the largest pine plantation forest in the world, we come to an area where the river widens to house pockets of wetlands. These wetlands are very important to North Island aquatic fowl, and are home to some 45 different species.

The crystal clear waters of the upper Waikato River enable us to gaze upon the bottom, and see the world famous Taupo Trout. You may pick up some local knowledge about where best to try trout fishing for yourself!

After the ride you are welcome to a coffee and to gather at the photographer’s area. Here you can sign and comment in our visitor book, and have the option to purchase a CD with photos of your trip – a great value for money memento to share with family and friends.

Many visitors to Rapids Jet stay for hours enjoying the relaxing river environment. There are river walks and viewing platforms for the Aratiatia Rapids, as well as swimming holes, fishing spots and hot springs.

There is nowhere else to jet boat white water rapids! Not only is the Rapids Jet ride great fun, but the scenery is unique, and the rapids unmatched anywhere!