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The Power behind Rapids Jet – The Chevy V8

27 Jan, 2017

From Chevy Truck to Jet Boat…

To manoeuvre the fast flowing waters of the Aratiatia Rapids we need dependable power and lots of it! Rapids Jet boats are powered by a powerful 500 hp 496 Chevy V8 connected to a 212 Jet Unit.

Rapids Jet Boat engines are a 496 chevrolet. 500 horse power 8.1 litre v8s. Although the Rapids Jet Boats are kiwi made (kwikkraft)we import  the engines from the United States.  The Chevy V8 is found in Chevy trucks all over the US. We import them from the US, make some modifications internally, bolt on the marinising gear n away we go. Will push the boat along at 100kmph empty, full of pax 80 kmph.

This engine drives the Hamilton 212 jet unit & will pump 400 litres per second out the 6 inch nozzle to provide the jet thrust. Moving the nozzle side to side creates the steering.

Here is a link to some History of the Hamilton Jet if interested in the amazing Kiwi company that started Jet propulsion

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