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The Ride

Our Jet Boats

Keen to know a bit more about the boat you'll be on? We'd love to tell you.

Our jet boats are New Zealand made.

Our boats are made right here in New Zealand, the home of the jet boat. More specifically, they're built by KwikKraft Marine, a company based in Christchurch. With over 30 years' experience, these guys really know what they're doing and we love the boats they've designed for us. And we know you will too.

They're custom-built.

Our boats are specially designed and built for us to make sure we can safely navigate you around the fast-flowing, ever-changing waters of the Waikato River. Made out of heavy gauge marine aluminium with a deep 'V'-shaped design, the boats are extremely strong and your ride wonderfully smooth.

They're powerful.

Fitted with a 500-horsepower 496 Chevy V8 engine and connected to a Hamilton 212 jet unit, our jet boats are impressively powerful and exceptionally fast. Which is pretty important, since we want to take you shooting off down the river at speeds of up to 80 km/h!

They're highly manoeuvrable.

The design of the boats means that they're highly manoeuvrable, so that we can safely drive you around rocks in the river, steer you through narrow canyons and thrill you by performing incredible spins!

They're extremely safe.

Our boats are designed to our specifications and to fulfil our specific needs. They comply with all the relevant safety standards and are completely safe and suitable for our white-water adventures. We wouldn't take you out on them if they weren't.

You've heard the legends, now experience our powerful machines for yourself. Book your jetboating experience today.

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Family Special:

Family Special: 2 Adults + 2 Children ( = 1 Child Rides Free)


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