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Huka Falls Great Lake Taupo

This place must be visited, it does not matter if your a local or a tourist you will be amazed. All around this end of NZ there is thermal springs etc, this is significantly different. Over 200,000 litres of water pushing down a tiny channel and down a waterfall each second! It’s rough and its loud. I took 150 pictures in about 10 minutes I found it that breathtaking. 100% must visit again!

The Waikato River is one of New Zealand’s longest rivers. The Waikato River is normally around 100m wide but at the Huka Falls the river squeezes down to 20m wide and drops around 20m too. Huka Falls has 220,000 litres of water pass through every second. This rush of water creates an amazing spectacle of water and foam (Huka means Foam in Maori) that never ceases to enthral visitors to Lake Taupo. Visit the Huka Falls whenever you come to Taupo and you will see where Huka Falls gets its name from and why it’s New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction.

There is a viewing bridge directly above the Huka Falls providing the perfect vantage point to experience Huka Falls and get plenty of pictures or video. Huka falls is a short drive from central Lake Taupo with plenty of parking provided. There is also a nice scenic walk along the banks of the river to Spa park and an additional attraction, the Spa Park Hot Spring. This is another free natural wonder for Taupo which is now mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide. Lake Taupo is lucky to have New Zealand’s favourite water fall within a short drive from the centre of Taupo and also Rapids Jet base!

Huka Falls Walk

A must do is the walk from Spa Park to Huka falls. Take in the great scenery whilst following the path of the Waikato river in it’s journey to the magic Huka Falls.
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If you've trekked along the riverbanks and through the native bush of the Waikato River and admired Huka Falls and your inner nature-lover still isn't satiated, how about exploring the beaches and bays of Lake Taupo from a kayak? Whether you're brave enough to go it alone or you'd prefer a guided tour, this is a great way to discover the beauty of New Zealand's largest lake.


If you get more of a thrill from history and art than from throwing yourself out of a plane, how about checking out the Mine Bay Maori rock carvings on the shores of Lake Taupo? At over 14 metres high, these unusual carvings really are something special.

Extreme sports

If it's extreme sports you're after, you've come to the right place! From jetboating the rapids to skydiving above the brilliant blue waters of Lake Taupo, from bungy jumping over the Waikato River to night skiing the Whakapapa trails in the Tongariro National Park, there are countless ways to embrace the adrenaline in Great Lake Taupō!

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