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    5 Reasons Why Riding The Rapids With Us Is The Adrenaline Fix You’ve Been Looking For

December 6, 2021

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, have a need for speed, or simply looking for a bucket-list experience on your next trip to Taupō, strap in for a jetboat ride like no other! Get set for a true adrenaline blast as you soak up the iconic New Zealand scenery at high speed, and enjoy a few fun surprises along the way.

1. Appreciate the vast beauty of the Waikato River in just 35 minutes

Travelling by jetboat is the ultimate immersion into New Zealand’s longest (and in our opinion, the most beautiful) river, as you shoot across the water and watch nature unfold around you from every angle. You’ll discover the fascinating natural history of the area – including its volcanic origins, its unique geothermal properties, and the creation of the Aratiatia Dam – plus you may even see a rainbow trout popping up out of the surface to say hello.

Rapids Jet jet boat riding along the white water aerial shot


2. Experience the power of a 500-horsepower, 496 Chevy V8 engine first-hand

Our jet boats are built in New Zealand and specially designed for the Waikato River, allowing us to steer you through narrow canyons and around rocks in the river, and perform incredible tricks and spins with ease! The V-shape design of our boats gives you a full-power, maximum-speed rush whilst also being a smooth and comfortable ride.

3. Recreate your own Lord of The Rings moment

You may have seen the Aratiatia Rapids appear in a famous film or two – its unique gorge and fast-flowing rapids have starred in many blockbuster movies, including in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Whilst you’re boosting across the water, be on the lookout for clues in the trees and on the shoreline – you’ll see the resemblance from the iconic scene where Bilbo Baggins rescues the dwarves from elves by hiding them in barrels. Whilst our jetboat makes for a much less bumpy experience than the dwarves endured, relive the iconic scene of their great escape as you also experience a wild ride along the Waikato River.

Lord of the Rings image riding along the river in beer barrels

4. Feel like a pro surfer without needing to pick up a board

Our jetboat will give you the incredible feeling of ‘surfing’ the river, maneuvering through the pressure waves of the famous Nga Awa Purua Rapids. This unique sensation adds an extra extreme element that our visitors can’t stop raving about!

Rapids Jet jet boat catching air over the whitewater

5. Enjoy a bonding experience of epic proportions

Anyone over the age of five (and at least 1-metre-tall) is welcome aboard Rapids Jet – in fact, our oldest participant was 93 years old! Race through the rapids and bond with your buddies with plenty of laughs, screams, and excitement along the way. Whether you’re visiting with family, on a romantic getaway, or just having the time of your life with friends, it’s a must-do on every Taupō itinerary.

What are you waiting for? Round up your family and friends for a one-of-a-kind exhilarating jet boat experience that you’ll be buzzing about long after you’ve left the rapids. Check out this sneak peek of what you can expect, and book your Rapids Jet experience now!

Rapids Jet – NZ’s BEST Jet Boat Ride

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