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    Tongariro Crossing Parking

January 23, 2018

Did you know over 100,000 people walk across the Tongariro crossing every year. And that number is growing! Yikes, this world famous walk is turning into a State highway with around 600 people a day venturing across the challenging Tongariro Crossing.

Tongariro Crossing is a 20km trek that takes in the unique volcanic landscape along with amazing views across  the central North island. The crossing walk squeezes in between Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe. The challenging walk also passes the Emerald Lakes known as Ngarotopounamu (greenstone-hued lakes).

Recently due to such a high volume of people attempting the crossing some new rules have been put in place regarding parking.
There is now a 4 hour maximum time limit for parking, if parking over this cars can be clamped. The department of conservation who looks after Tongariro Crossing is trying to resolve the issue of overcrowding on the walk. Walkers can park at either end of the track then get a shuttle back to their car. Previously walkers would do the walk to the summit and turn around to avoid paying for a shuttle or team up with other walkers and shuttle each other. The walks takes on average 7-9 hours so creating an issue especially for budget walkers who can’t or won’t want to pay for a return trip on the shuttle.

For more information on the new rules check out this news article

If doing the Tongariro Crossing ensure you plan ahead, wear appropriate clothing, check the weather and Crossing conditions first.

Helpful links…

Tongariro Shuttles – www.tongarirocrossingshuttles.co.nz
Tongariro Expeditions – www.tongariroexpeditions.com
Alpine Shuttles – www.alpineshuttles.co.nz

Tongariro Crossing web cam – www.geonet.org.nz/volcano/monitoring/tongariro

Department Conservation website – www.doc.govt.nz/tongariroalpinecrossing

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