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    How to satisfy your adrenaline cravings in Taupō

August 8, 2022

Holidays are the perfect time to push your boundaries, venture outside your comfort zone and try something new! If Taupō is on your next itinerary, then you’re in luck – the region’s sparkling lake, magnificent mountains and mighty rivers are an adventurer’s playground. Read on for a sample of the many action-packed experiences on offer in Taupō – with something to satisfy every type of adrenaline craving.

Surf the rapids on a jet boat with Rapids Jet

Put the pedal to the medal on this fast-paced jetboat ride along three sets of rapids including the famous Fulljames! With speedy straights, tricky spins and manoeuvres, and jam-packed with Waikato River scenery; the Rapids Jet experience is all about non-stop thrills. Take a seat aboard the custom-built 500-horsepower jet boat, and your highly skilled driver will take you on an unforgettable tour, filled with shrieks, laughter and the occasional splash. See narrow canyons, raging rapids and some intriguing natural wonders along the way – along with some iconic movie filming locations. It’s a must-do for all adventure-seekers, young and old.

Soar through the sky with Taupō Tandem Skydiving

Ready to take the ultimate leap of faith? Operating since 1992, 200,000 brave and willing people jumpers have taken the plunge so far, so you’ll be safe and sound in the hands of Taupō Tandem Skydiving’s talented team. Your heart will start racing, the blood pumping… but any fear or fright will soon be replaced with sheer adrenaline and excitement as you freefall from altitudes as high as 18,500 feet up in the air! Not only will skydiving give you a one-of-a-kind rush, but you’ll also catch magnificent views across the greater Taupō area as you glide back down to Earth. Be sure to opt for the photo and video package so you can brag to friends and family back home.

Swing or bungy off a bridge with AJ Hackett

Forget everything you’ve been told, at AJ Hackett, they actively encouraging jumping off a cliff! In fact, this could well be the best cliff-top rope swing in New Zealand. Originally invented by a bunch of innovative thrill-seeking Kiwis, the first commercial bungy jump was in 1988, and since then the craze has swept the nation, with a variety of picturesque jump sites across the country. The Taupō location has no shortage of epic views across the Waikato River, so go solo or tandem with a mate and get set for some giant bungy or swing action – and experience the unbeatable sensation of this iconic Kiwi activity.

Raft the rapids with Tongariro River Rafting

Navigate 60 rapids on a roller-coaster rafting journey down the river with your friends or family! With plenty of thrills and spills along the way, the Tongariro River’s Grade 3 rapids are the perfect adrenaline kick, that’s full of fun surprises around every corner. Soak up stunning views of towering volcanic cliffs, pristine native bush, and the native whio bird, an endangered blue duck that your purchase helps support. Seize the opportunity to paddle through more rapids in one stretch than anywhere else in New Zealand on this full-throttle half-day experience. Plus, all photos and videos are included, for you to relive it all over again once back on dry land.

We guess the rumours are true, us kiwis are a wee bit crazy, slightly mad, and love our adrenaline fix. But can you blame us – it’s an incredibly rewarding sensation when you push your limits, conquer your fears, and take on an exhilarating new challenge amongst our scenic rivers, lakes, and mountains. Which adventure will you choose first?

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